Mobile plants

Mobile soil washing, liquid, solid and sludge treatment plants

The Ecotec Group has permission for the operation of mobile waste treatment systems, mobile soil washing systems, mobile liquid waste treatment systems and mobile groundwater treatment systems.

Ecotec mobile systems can be used for different applications, such as: remediation of contaminated sites, seabed on-site treatment, groundwater treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, on-site treatment of special solid waste and sludge (contaminated sludge, demolition materials, sludge tanks, etc.).

Ecotec's systems are modular and always equipped with the most appropriate treatment technologies for the specific requirements of our customers.

Mobile soil washing plant

A mobile soil washing plant authorised to treat up to 560,640 tonnes/year of waste.

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Mobile liquid waste treatment plant

A mobile liquid waste treatment plant with a capacity up to 80 m3/h.

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Mobile solid and sludge treatment plant

A modular and versatile mobile solid waste and sludge treatment plant.

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